March in the garden

While the garden enjoys a drizzle of much needed rain after a glorious start to April, I’m taking a look back at March through my Instagram gallery.

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The Joy of Squash

Every gardener has a favourite or two. Something that, left ungrown, would render the season incomplete. Given I have limited space, mine should have been chillies; compact, pretty plants bearing bright, spicy jewels. Or tomatoes – you can shove an alarming number of those in a greenhouse. and the taste of a warm, sun-ripened tomato is hard to beat. But no, for me it’s squash.

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Dreaming of dahlias

Spring has sprung, the air is thick with the sound of lawnmowers, and wherever you look in the garden something is calling for your attention. It’s easy to get lost in busyness, but whatever you do, don’t forget to make time for dahlias. You’ll thank yourself for it later in the year.

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