The Gardens, weeds & words podcast, Series 1 Episode 2

As the leaves fall, we begin to see our gardens in their wider context, which makes it a perfect time to consider how they relate to the surrounding landscape. In this episode I’m joined by the artist Celia Hart, who discusses her earliest plant memories, and the role that her local Suffolk landscape has upon her work.

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The Gardens, weeds & words podcast, Series 1 Episode 1

Have you ever wondered why we make gardens? I have. How do we choose to surround ourselves with plants? How do we incorporate them into our lives? Our relationship as a species with plants is something that fascinates me, and these are just the kind of questions the new podcast is creating space to explore – albeit in a fairly relaxed manner. The first episode was promised in early autumn...and it’s almost time.

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The Gardens, weeds & words podcast

Do we need another gardening podcast? The question is moot – we’re getting one anyway, and I’m afraid it’s all my fault. With a blend of slow radio and garden musings, the Gardens, weeds & words podcast will offer a soundtrack to this blog, with the first episode due in early Autumn.

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