Gardens, weeds & words. An odd name for a blog. But really, that’s just what it’s all about. I spend a good part of each day messing about with, staring at, or thinking about all three, so naming the blog after them seemed like an entirely sensible thing to do. At least you know what you’re in for.

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Colourful flowers in the Colourbox garden at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show


Gardens fascinate me. They speak directly to the question of how we regard ourselves in relation to the world around us. The garden is an absolute construct, a living art installation, and as much about the personality of the gardener as it is the plants which he or she chooses to grow. It’s what happens when you put a person on a plot of land, and say “here, look after this, and call it your own, if you like.’ Read more


Weeds get a bad press. These undesirables aren’t to be tolerated in the garden, and should be dug out, hoed over, pulled out or poisoned – anything but allowed to share the garden with our prized ornamentals and vegetables. A whole industry dedicated to their nullification has developed, and it’s testimony to the pernicious nature of the things that this industry didn’t fizzle out after a few years, having done its job. 
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Golden ragwort in a simple vase

Article on yellow pelargoniums by Andrew O'Brien in rakes progress magazine


So much has been written about gardens and gardening it’s a wonder there’s anything left to say. Being brutally honest, there probably isn’t that much. But there are as many ways to say things about gardening as there are gardeners, so I shan’t let that put me off.
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