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I’m Andrew, gardener, blogger, and owner of a too-loud laugh. You can find me on social media using the buttons at the bottom or this page, or you can email me here.

I look after the monthly twitter chats for garden bloggers (, and also run the Garden Bloggers Facebook group. The awfully nice people at the Garden Media Guild have also allowed me to be a probationary member, currently in my fourth year. They provide training and support to garden writers and photographers, and organise a slap up binge every November in London’s Savoy Hotel for their awards ceremony. Sometimes, they even let me in.

Other than blogging, I’ve written for the The Garden, the members’ magazine for the Royal Horticultural Society, as well as the rather fabulous into-gardens, which you can read on the web or download to your iPad. Recently, I wrote a piece about the search for the elusive yellow pelargonium in the über trendy rakes progress magazine.


Increasingly I’m being asked for details about my camera equipment. There’s a truism that the best camera is the one you have on you, and I do take a lot of photographs on my iPhone – it’s just so convenient! When I take the conscious decision to carry a ‘proper’ camera I still like to travel light, which led me to downsize a while ago from a Canon DSLR camera and lenses to Olympus’s fantastic Micro Four-Thirds system. This gives me great quality interchangeable lenses, fabulous electronics and a choice of beautifully built all-metal camera bodies, all in a small package that will happily fit within my normal bag (one of those smallish Gola messenger bag things). My current camera is the Olympus PEN E-PL7 with the optional VF-4 electronic viewfinder, and I’m using two M.Zuiko lenses, the 17mm f1:1.8 and the 45mm f1:1.8. The wonderful Julia Rebaudo from the fashion and travel blog stylonylon has been a true source of inspiration and help with making the transition to this set up – you can read her guide to my current camera on her blog here, which also has a link to her excellent photography podcast.

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I was delighted to hear that this blog had been shortlisted as a finalist for Blog of the Year at the 2016 Garden Media Guild Awards – which makes a hat-trick (one year in its present incarnation, the previous two under its former name,

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Do get in contact if you have any gardening queries by clicking here, and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you’d like me to provide gardening related copy for your publication or website, or are interested in having your product reviewed on the blog, please send me an email at