So much has been written about gardens and gardening it’s a wonder there’s anything left to say. Being brutally honest, there probably isn’t that much. But there are as many ways to say things about gardening as there are gardeners, so I shan’t let that put me off.

Some people are visual people. “We’re visual people”, they’ll say, while declaring a picture worth a thousand words. I say, a well crafted sentence can knock the Mona Lisa into a cocked hat. It’s not that I’m not a visual person. It’s just that the pictures hang on the walls inside my head, and are painted with words. 

But they’re fickle, capricious things, words are – and the best ones almost always arrive when you’re in the middle of doing something else. I’ve taken to carrying a notebook with me when I’m grubbing about in the soil, pages much muddied and filled with bits of twig, in an effort to keep hold of the words before they can escape. Still they do their best to elude me, running, scampering, taunting like mischievous sprites. 

Some it evidently pleases to allow themselves to be captured, and many of these are displayed in posts within this blog. I can take little responsibility for them, however, and can’t be sure that they don’t rearrange themselves when nobody’s looking. 

back, to weeds...