Day 89: anticipating tulips

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I have been anticipating tulips. I’ve marvelled at the beauty and resilience of hellebores, paid my respects to snowdrops, learned to love daffs and greated my favourite narcissus with joy (see Day 85), but all the while, I’ve had this sense of anticipation in the back of my mind, and the waiting is almost done. There’s something about a tulip that makes my heart take flight in a way no other flower quite manages – part of it must be in the waiting, and part in the timing, appearing as they do just as the clocks go forward and the garden bursts into life. Crazily simple plants – some floppy leaves, a blue-green stick with a dollop of wonderfulness on the top – some like a lollipop, others like blown glass. Just now, the buds are teasing, a sliver of colour on the margins offering the barest glimpse of the delights to come. Not long now.

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