Day 105: amelanchier light

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


We are lucky to have a back garden that faces west. This came about by the happiest of accidents – it certainly wasn’t on our house-hunting criteria – but it means that we get to enjoy the evening light as the sun slips below the horizon and sends the last of the day’s rays sliding in at a rakish angle. I managed to plant the amelanchier (again, completely by accident, though I may tell myself I have a natural aptitude for this kind of thing) in such a way that it forms a graceful silhouette at the apex of the curved path, blossom perfectly backlit as the day draws to a close. It seems the perfect shrub f for this kind of caper, small stacks of perfect, creamy-white blooms, and translucent leaves whose downy margins detain the sun for long enough to create a glowing halo on every twig and branch.

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