Day 145: aquilegia

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


Were there a prize for the most cottage gardeny of cottage garden plants, the aquilegia would surely be in with a shout. Especially if that competition were to be held towards the end of May, the not-quite-summer bit of spring, tulips behind us and the first roses unfurling, the paeonies just about getting into gear. The lupin of course – another strong contender for the title – is centre stage, soaking up the sun but, waiting bashfully in the wings, the aquilegias (columbines or granny’s bonnets) elevate their wonderfully weird flowers high above their foliage, dancing in the faintest breeze, long, pointed spurs seeming to record their recent movement on the air. Sswoooosh... 

In a week or two foxgloves will rule in this marginal shade but, until then, we have aquilegias.

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