Day 157: first cosmos

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Cosmos bipinnatus  ‘Velouette’ – first time I’ve grown this variety, and it’s gorgeous.

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Velouette’ – first time I’ve grown this variety, and it’s gorgeous.

The cosmos are coming into flower. From a practical point of view, this is a huge relief, as they’re one of the few plants I sowed seeds for this year and they’ve been taking up space in the greenhouse. But from another perspective – one of pure joy – this means quite something else. One thing that gets me through the warmer months is the presence of daisies in the garden – of course, dahlias and zinnias, but cosmos, with their simple, abundant flowers and fern-like leaves, seem somehow the least complicated of any of the daisies that people go out of their way to grow, with the possible exception of their fellow countrymen Erigeron (Mexican fleabane)*. A bit scrappy at first, then growing in confidence and volume until suddenly owning their space. Not unlike a charming weed, in many respects, and you know how I like them.

*Actually, dahlias and zinnias are also originally from Mexico. There’s a veritable mariachi band in the borders in summer.

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