Day 164: the pelargoniums go out

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Soggy pellies. ‘Mystery’ (red),  fragrans  (white) and ‘Lady Plymouth’ (variegated leaf in the background)

Soggy pellies. ‘Mystery’ (red), fragrans (white) and ‘Lady Plymouth’ (variegated leaf in the background)

The pelargoniums have been languishing for far too long indoors and, just as the overnight mercury climbed to a level acceptable to their delicate sensibilities, the ridiculous pummelling rain arrived. Since I wasn’t feeling sufficiently cruel to subject them to a soggy battering, and the greenhouse is staging still full of things whose  planting out last weekend has been delayed by the aforementioned ridiculous pummelling rain, I’m still sharing my office space with a gang of slightly grumpy antipodeans. There’s also a small matter of a plant stand that needs to be designed and built before they can go out (the last one rusted through – crappy chic with a shabby price tag), but I’m depending upon on them to be enjoying warm summer breezes by the start of next week.

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