Day 173: mock orange

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


The garden has been filled with scent these past few days. Almost as if waiting for the rain to be over, the mock orange (Philadelphus coronarius) was a little late into blossom this year but, my, it was worth the wait for the clouds of citrusy perfume with a hint of underlying vanilla. And it’s just as well this plant performs so astoundingly well for these few short weeks in June because, when it’s not in flower, it’s a particularly uninspiring twiggy looking thing that can grow to absurd proportions in a small garden if not regularly pruned – something best carried out immediately after flowering, and never in winter, unless you want it to grow into even more of a beast. Just now though, the loppers can stay in the shed, though I may snip some flowers for the house.

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