Day 177: giant scabious

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


I’d dearly love to be able to write a detailed description of my giant scabious (Cephalaria gigantea) but, truth be told, it’s grown so tall I can’t reach the flowers as they tower over me at a height of seven feet or more. It’s a plant I’m rather fond of, partly becuase it came from the garden of my much missed aunt, but also because it’s one of those lanky presences in the border that creates height without a great deal of volume (Verbena bonariensis is another), although there is a fairly substantial clump of basal leaves up to about knee height. I shall continue to crane my neck and, when I hop on the ladder to trim the hedge, might even get to look a few of its primrose yellow, pincushion type flowers in the eye. 

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