Day 181: dog-friendly gardens

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. This was certainly true of us yesterday, as we pitched up at the stunning Hever Castle gardens just before noon on the hottest day of the year, dragging a reluctant Bill with us. Hever is one of the few local gardens that allows dogs to accompany their owners and, while we could have wished for a few more drinking bowls along the way (a couple near the entrance, after which point they petered out), the opportunity to bring our furriest family member with us was greatly appreciated. He only munched two leaves (both plants he recognised from our own garden), uttered not a sound, and stayed by our side on his lead throughout. The jury’s out as to whether we take him to Hampton Court next weekend – it’s a long day if we have to either drag or carry him about in the heat (he’s big for a border terrier). I’d very much like to see more gardens and flower shows adopting a dog-friendly policy. 

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