Day 190: sneezeweed

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


There are several things in the garden that make me sneeze at this time of year, but helenium, or sneezeweed, isn’t one of them (the dried petals were once used in the manufacture of snuff but, if we’re honest, just about any pot pourri rammed up your schnozola is likely to make you sneeze). I am feeling chuffed with myself for having got this year’s Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’ through the slug-buffet stage which seems their chief downfall in my garden, my reward being their enthralling blooms – different every day – now with brilliant vermillion petals surrounding a centre packed with golden pollen, in a few weeks, burnished orange around a chocolate brown central boss. All flowers change from one day to the next, but daisies of all kinds hold a particular fascination. 

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