Day 196: stellar pelargoniums

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


Of all the pelargoniums, the stellars are among my favourite to grow. Of course, their lobed leaves are a novelty when you’ve been used to the closely related zonal varieties (many stellars also have a ‘zonal’ patch of darker pigment ringing the leaf blade), but it’s the crazy star-like flowers that get me every time, and none more so than the blooms on ‘Vectis Glitter’, each one a figure in red paint-splattered pantaloons, mostly white, the occasional petal completely covered in red. Just as vigorous as their zonal cousins, for which I am grateful today, having just clumsily knocked a whole stem off one plant. Shoved, with little ceremony, into a pot of fresh compost, it will root in no time. Free plants – I could almost pretend I did it deliberately. 

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