Day 203: oak leaved hydrangea

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


The oak leaved hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) is not a plant that shrinks into the background. Autumn is really when it comes into its own as each large leaf takes on rich, burnished tones, but in summer it’s no slouch either. Just now the flowers are making quite the splash as I wander up the path – long, fat panicles of white sterile florets covering an inner core of fertile flowers – much smaller, more the colour of straw. I don’t remember it ever smelling quite so good as this year, wafting honeyed scents upon the air, underlayed with that distinctive pollen tang (you know the one I mean) for some distance around the garden. I’m tempted to bring some into the house, but have a feeling it might be overpowering.

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