Day 209: cutting lavender

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Is it too soon? The bees and the hoverflies, the butterflies and the moths are still loving the lavender but, come the end of July, I’m itching to get in there with my secateurs. Not from some deep -eated desire to sew and stuff tiny pillows or eye-masks but because, as soon as the stems begin to droop and put pressure on the branches, I’m reminded that we like to keep our lavender looking young. Those leggy, lanky plants you see striding about in Mediterranean gardens have been allowed to reach a craggy kind of maturity. The smooth, rounded pebble shapes are achieved by keeping the plant in a perpetual juvenile state – we may let it flower (what’s the point of lavender if it doesn’t flower?), but we don’t really want it going to seed. And so, August won’t be too old before it’s all cut back – though nobody ever wants to let me do it.

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