Day 211: Japanese anemone

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Japanese anemones against a backdrop of  Thalictrum , fellow members of the buttercup family ( Ranunculaceae ), at the RHS Wisley

Japanese anemones against a backdrop of Thalictrum, fellow members of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae), at the RHS Wisley

Summer is the time when that most delicate of thugs, the Japanese anemone (Anemone x hybrida and A. hupehensis), appears in the garden. People tend to fall in love with its refined and gentle beauty – tall slender stems bearing simple flowers on in shades of white and pink around a golden centre – and its ability to flower in both full sun and dappled shade dappled shade. Planting is often followed by a period of disappointment – it can take some years (four is not an unreasonable estimate) for this plant to get its feet down properly. But one day, you will find it has decided that it likes your garden, and that’s when the fun begins – which is no reason not to plant it, but rather a gentle warning to be prepared for when the land grab begins.

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