Day 230: Campsis radicans

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Those of us currently considering giving our wisterias the second of their two annual haircuts and wondering why on earth we planted a climber quite so rampant and gutter-threatening* may want to think twice about the trumpet vine, Campsis radicans. But, having thought, you should shrug and plant it anyway, for its handsome, toothed foliage and the clusters of long, flamboyant pink and orange blooms. Beloved by humming birds across the pond, this is a vine to annoy the ivy-haters, using adhesive aerial roots to cling to walls. It’s bound to have dads everywhere bewailing the state of their pointing. Glorious, vigorous, and tough.

*of course, we forgive wisteria everything as soon as the flowers are out in spring and we’re enveloped by that honey-perfumed cloud.

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