Day 258: roses in the shade

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year

Rose ‘Scepter’d Isle’

Rose ‘Scepter’d Isle’

The roses keep going, whatever I throw at them. In this garden it’s mostly dappled shade, especially at this end of the year – as a rule of thumb roses should have at least four to six hours of direct sun daily. Mine get what they’re given – once the sun’s managed to come round the house, clear the towering tangle of pheasant berry, the neighbour’s unruly buddleia, Shed Number One and an eight-foot tall mixed native hedge, they can have all the light the want, only getting the full benefit of its weakening rays just as it sets in the west. Somehow, still, they manage, producing exquisite blooms from spring to autumn. Roses, I’ve come to appreciate, are the most beautiful, tenacious,* and stubborn of plants. 

*with the approval of Ezra Koenig, fie upon the Leader of the House.

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