The Gardens, weeds & words podcast, Series 1 Episode 1

Have you ever wondered why we make gardens? I have. How do we choose to surround ourselves with plants? How do we incorporate them into our lives? Our relationship as a species with plants is something that fascinates me, and these are just the kind of questions the new podcast is creating space to explore – albeit in a fairly relaxed manner. The first episode was promised in early autumn...and it’s almost time.

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The first episode of the Gardens, Weeds & Words podcast is about to drop! Eek.

It’s one of those situations where I could carry on tweaking it for weeks – mostly to prevent myself from sounding as if I’m mumbling through a mouthful of feathers – but, you know what? Sometimes, you’ve just got to ship it. So, warts and all, stand by for the opening show.

I have a September soundscape. I have a micro review of the Almanac, a seasonal guide to 2018 by Lia Leendertz, and a trail for the 2019 book which is out now. There’s a reading from the wonderful Ben Dark of The Garden Log podcast, as well as rather a lot of me, wondering why it is that, as a species, we like to make gardens. It’s a question that often occupies my mind, so I thought I’d share it with you.

But most importantly, I have a good, long chat with the Queen of Houseplants, Jane Perrone, who drops by to tell me what plants have meant to her throughout the course of her life. I’m always keen to download the latest episode of On the Ledge, so it’s particularly fascinating to get some insight into the lady herself and her plant-filled life journey.

So, there you have it. 25 minutes of – well, something slightly different. I’d love to know what you think, so please listen, subscribe and, if you’re feeling extra specially kind, leave me a fabulous review on your podcast app of choice. 

I’ll be pressing the button any moment now. Wish me luck...

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