The Gardens, weeds & words podcast, Series 1 Episode 3

More light

Episode 3 of the Gardens, weeds & words podcast is out and, as the clocks go back and we head into darkness, I’m talking to food and lifestyle photographer Ros Atkinson about the part light has to play in her beautiful images. And trying to get to the bottom of her love affair with vegetables.

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Things can get a tad gloomy from this point on in the year, and I’ve been thinking about the things we do to keep a little light in our lives while the evenings draw in on us. We shoudn’t underestimate the power of inspiring images, and I’ve long been an admirer of the work of Ros Atkinson (Her Dark Materials on Instagram), who captures something of the chiaroscuro quality of the old Dutch masters in her vegetable-heavy still lifes. We talk about her background, a rather unfortunate childhood experience in her parents veg patch which I promise will leave you with an indelible mental image, and go so far as to get into Goethe and his dying request.

And that’s having begun things with a micro review of American Primitive, a collection from one of my favourite contemporary poets, Mary Oliver, with a reading from Ben Dark of the Garden Log podcast.

Making an appearance in the garden soundtrack are an angry squirrel (they always seem so cross), the indignant cock pheasant, and a group of busy bees who were making the most of Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ while I was tending to the beds nearby.

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Gardens, weeds and words podcast, S01E03 show notes

A blend of slow radio, gardening advice and conversation, and readings from the best garden and wildlife writing.

Garden soundtrack

The end of British Summertime, and what the sun has been getting up to.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Overcoming the Winter Blues

A micro review of American Primitive by Mary Oliver, including ‘Fall Song’, ready by Ben Dark of the Garden Log podcast

Replacing the light we’ve lost…

Interview with Ros Atkinson, food and lifestyle photographer

The pea that caused the problems – ‘Kelvedon Wonder’

Tutu, Ros’s own.

Ros’s veg shopping shopping: 

Daylesford Organic Farm

Oxford covered market

“More light” – a little bit about Goethe


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