May in the garden

May brought us sunshine and rain, burgeoning borders, a late frost and, of course, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It’s the month of the gardening calendar when everything goes a bit bonkers – in a wonderful, exuberant way. Always quite nice to reach the end with your sanity intact, and your body parts functioning, though by the final week I was being reminded of the need of a good stretch, and that its about time I really ought to be getting some serious yoga practice in.

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Rakes Progress

The awfully nice people at Rakes Progress have sent me the first issue of their magazine to review (I had to shamelessly hustle for a copy on Twitter. It wasn’t pretty). The magazine is certainly a thing of beauty. But is it all style over substance? Or is there a pair of hard working gardener’s boots beneath the designer exterior? I brewed a pot of tea and resolved to find out.

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