#thatwinterspringthing hashtag project

To the uninitiated, hashtags are probably the most confounding aspect to social media. But a little delving reveals them to be a powerful tool for cutting through the online flotsam and plucking related content out from the relentless flow of global chatter. As winter turns to spring, I’m launching a hashtag to encourage Instagram users to share their seasonal images.

It’s that time of year when snowdrops and hellebores reign in the garden, when tulips are beginning to push their way through the soil, and we feel the urge to claim each mild and sunny moment as a sign of winter’s end. It might be glorious to immerse yourself in the essence of a season, but I do love the equivocacy of the transitional, inbetween times; neither quite one thing nor the other, but at the same moment something of both.

To celebrate this indeterminate time, I’ve launched #thatwinterspringthing hashtag on Instagram, which is gathering together a portfolio of seasonal images embracing a sense of hope, new life, and the promise of things to come. I’m eager to see this time of year from the perspective of as many people as possible, so do please join in by using the hashtag on your own images, and checking in from time to time to see what others have posted. 


You can see all the images on Instagram tagged with #thatwinterspringthing by clicking here. With thanks to all who’ve taken part so far, and are planning to in the future!