The beautification of weeds

You can be a long way into a game before you even realise that’s where you are. Who defines the field of play, the value of each piece, the manner in which one element should engage with the others? You might wonder what the Cinderella syndrome could possibly have to do with gardening, but consider how we designate certain plants as weeds, and all should become clear. 

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May in the garden

May brought us sunshine and rain, burgeoning borders, a late frost and, of course, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It’s the month of the gardening calendar when everything goes a bit bonkers – in a wonderful, exuberant way. Always quite nice to reach the end with your sanity intact, and your body parts functioning, though by the final week I was being reminded of the need of a good stretch, and that its about time I really ought to be getting some serious yoga practice in.

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show - 2

Everyone who goes to Chelsea comes away with something slightly different, according to their own circumstances and where they are in their gardening journey. Here are my highlights from the 2017 show gardens.

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