Day 136: stripes

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


I’m not sure I’ve got the space, or really the inclination to plant in stripes of colour in my own garden. You need room to dedicate to long stretches of the same plant, and then rather a lot of the same thing. With the exception of bulbs, I think five is the maximum quantity of a single plant that I want to spend my money on, and the effort to propagate them myself would be disproportiante to the momentary reward of any potential visitor exlcaiming, “Ooh. Stripes.”  

That said, it’s marvellously satisfying to see it done in a garden with the dosh and the person-power to pull it off. Particularly enjoyable in the pictured planting was the view only resolving itself into its constituent layers from one particular angle, the purple ligularia and the orange geums not even being in a particularly linear arrangement. Perhaps it was a happy accident. Surely not?

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