Day 137: wonderful weeds

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


The garden is frothing over just now – the hedgerows all about too, for May is the month when the cow parsley comes into flower. But if that wonderful umbellifer is responsible for providing the bulk of the froth with voluminous sprays of cream-white blossom, it’s always reliably accompanied by a small assembly of support acts. Little spots of vivid blue from forget-me-nots, green alkanet, the violet of perennial cornflowers, glimpses of bright golden-eyed daisies and wild strawberries, and even the rich cerise of red valerian. These are the flowers that arrive unbidden, dismissed as weeds and growing with abandon – the plants we pull out, mow and strim, to be replaced with things that grow not even half so well and cost a fortune in time, money, and resources. It’s an eccentric way to behave. 

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