Day 280: a tangle of twine

Daily details from the garden to bring you inspiration throughout the year


Simple pleasures, they say, are invariably the best, and if like me you’re no stranger to the joy occasioned by a new spool of garden twine, you’ll probably agree that they’re right. The only issue is which colour to choose – some version of green would seem sensible – indeed the name of one leading brand of twine is a play how well camouflaged it becomes against the plant matter it tethers and tames. But it’s this very invisibility that I find a problem – I can never find where I’ve put the darn yarn when I’m working – and so I favour something that stands out a little more. Strong colours are just the thing for keeping track of your garden twine, but conversely entirely hopeless when it comes to obscuring where the gardener’s been. Thankfully, by spring, this is rarely a problem. That’s what leaves are for. 

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