Day 281: a greenhouse for all

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A glasshouse is a glorious thing. A greenhouse – which might be largely glass, but could just as well have windows of polycarbonate – is the next best thing, and there’s something rather wonderful about cramming them full of frost-tender plants at this time of year, a kind of fuggy Aladdin’s cave of barely-snoozing plant life. 

Traditionally a greenhouse has required a fair bit of space – even the most basic six by four foot models requiring more real estate than many budding gardeners can lay claim to. So it’s interesting to note that greenhouses have been getting smaller – much smaller – with manufacturers catering for all price points responding (not before time) to a market that’s been waiting for a more compact product. Now, it seems that less than a hundred quid will buy you a ‘growhouse’ that would fit on a small balcony and could, at a push, be folded away when warmer weather arrives. If you’re fancy, you can pay considerably more for one with knobs and widgets, whilst those who prefer to reduce, reuse and recycle might prefer to explore the neighbourhood skips for reclaimed window frames and timber. Just add hinges, a few screws and some basic DIY skills*. For those fortunate enough to have an outside to bring plants in from over winter, it’s as well to have a home for them. There’s nothing quite like tucking your plants up for winter.

*always get permission from the property owner before helping yourself to the contents of a skip outside their house. I know you knew that, but…

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