Day 182: respect your elders

I like to spare a thought for the biennial and annual plants I’m pulling out. They’ve put on their floral show and now, presumably, are good for nothing but the compost…

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When to sow chillies

Do you ever feel you’re getting buried under the weight of information and conflicting opinions on the internet? It’s as true with gardening as any other subject you might throw at Google. So in this post, I’m recommending you buy a packet of seeds and get on with sowing the contents. Then you can read the advice, contradictory or otherwise – but at least that way you’ll have avoided the procrastination hump.

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The seedier side of gardening

There’s nothing I like better than a spot of horticultural retail therapy, which often involves ordering from the seed catalogues far more than I could reasonably hope to raise in a year. Autumn brings the chance to gather seed for ourselves, an activity for which our gardening lives are all the richer.

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